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Jan. 13, 2022

New hardware moving forward.

New hardware moving forward.

Hello everyone,

 Thanks to our wonderful donors and sponsors we have been able to upgrade our podcasting hardware. We purchased the new Zoom H8 Handy Recorder and the Zoom Podtrak P8 to improve our audio quality along with some new Samson Q2U dynamic mics along with a couple of Rode Podmics so we look forward to providing a more professional show for all of our loyal listeners. Our next episode may be a two-parter, we're not sure yet.

We will be covering the crimes and punishment of Joseph James DeAngelo, A.K.A. The Golden State Killer, who raped a minimum of 50 women, killed at least 13 more and committed over 120 burglaries in the process. His arrest is only a few years old and access to research materials is minimal. That, combined with the sheer number of crimes means that telling his story and the story of his victims may be longer than anticipated. We look forward to providing you with an accurate account of the actions of this monster and his fitting punishment. 

Until next time,

Elton & Cherish Morgan


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